Early education affects how children learn for the rest of their life. They grow and change at incredible rates before the age of 6. When they feel capable and inspired, children learn to carry an optimistic attitude toward learning that affects how they approach challenges, problem solving, and critical thinking.


The mission of the Alfred Montessori School is to create a loving and nurturing environment where the children "learn, grow and become" into their own productive being. The school also strives to be flexible to our families' needs while having a positive impression on our community.


Children are innately interested in learning about the world around them and through their natural curiosity are able to develop themselves. By providing an environment that supports natural development, Montessori education enables children to develop the fundamental capacities that they need to become happy and fulfilled adults who contribute to society.


You are a lifelong learner. You believe the most important thing you can do every day is inspire others to realize their potential and develop a love of learning. You’re looking to make a real difference. We’re seeking dedicated, caring individuals throughout our organization to provide an authentic Montessori education and experience for every child in our schools. It’s a pretty great opportunity to build a career around something so powerful! Below are applications for Board membership

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