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I love the new feedback sheets that we fill out in the morning and get back at night. Thanks you for adding what they ate for snack. In the bottom comments section I would find it more useful to know about the works/skills they are focused on in class and what specifically we can do at home to reinforce this. I like to know if the kids made it outside or not and if there are any behavior issues (good and bad). However, I do feel that I am made aware of any issues through verbal communication with the teachers, and I am VERY pleased with the way Ms. Carol runs the classroom and works with the children, especially when there are a lot of kids to work with. I have NO complaints about the Toddler room; Thank you for providing a great place for my child to grow!
Many thanks for the way the preschool room is managed and organized. Grateful for the small setting and in-depth works for the alternate rest group. We hear lots of Ms. Cheryl stories.
My daughter LOVES school and I am more than happy with everything and everybody at Montessori!!!
We are completely satisfied with the program.
We are thrilled that our child is learning and growing with wonderful teachers.
We love the staff. They are all great! Nothing for improvement right now.
We are very happy with the school.
I am very pleased with the organization and professionalism of the staff. I am very happy that my child is treated kindly by all the teachers.
There seems to be a nice balance between the staff and students, activities, and celebrations. I appreciate how the fundraisers are community based, rather than sales based.
When my preschooler has days with Ms. Cheryl in the enrichment program, my child learns a lot and is very happy.
I really appreciate the organized activities that take place throughout the day (circle time, etc.) The songs learned are great, learning how to clean up after themselves (dishes, etc.).
Open, caring environment
I am most satisfied with the daily schedule, skilled teachers, and lovely facility.
I like that AMS is so open to parental involvement.
We are very satisfied with Montessori! My child loves to go to school and loves her teachers. The teachers and director are amazing and the most caring people.
I think the best part is that the program is filled with wonderful caring teachers that are more than willing to go that extra mile to enrich the children in the classrooms.
So glad that we joined the Montessori family! Love it!
Parent Responses
AMS Survey
I am VERY impressed with the efficiency and structure in the toddler room. Ms. Carol is enthusiastic and very-knowledgeable with the toddler age group and I appreciate her communication about what's going on in the classroom with my child and what he/she is interested in. She makes my toddlers feel welcome and happy about the day, which is an invaluable treasure to parents dropping off toddlers! I feel Ms. Nahlini is an excellent addition to the toddler room and I also appreciate her warm smile and one on one enthusiasm with the toddlers.

Exceptional in every way: environment, teachers, curriculum, general care and instruction, structure, etc.

I love our preschool teachers and the program. Ms. Crystal and Ms. Cheryl do a fabulous job teaching and doing as much one on one as possible in a busy preschool classroom. They are very nurturing and structured with the kids and keep them on task while still allowing freedom of choice and available time for play and being a kid. Personally I have been impressed with how they monitor and foster peer relationships as my preschool learns social skills. They allow for independent time, while also encouraging appropriate interactions between peers.

We absolutely love Ms. Carol and feel the environment in the toddler room is very nurturing.

Having AMS is a huge asset to this community. It allows many of us to work and know that our children are in a safe and supportive place. Thank you.

The patience of the staff is admirable. The environment is very peaceful and welcoming.

The flexibility in regards to part-time childcare is wonderful. My child is always happy and enjoys her time at the school while still learning. This not only gives her an advanced edge on learning prior to public school but sets things up very positively as well.

I find the director and the staff, especially in the toddler and infant rooms, to be incredibly engaging. They really make the atmosphere of the school a positive and cheerful one. It is always a pleasure to step inside the doors of AMS.

I just love how all the teachers genuinely have a pure love for my children. I just love the program and the constant affirmation that my kids get whether positive for a great accomplishment or redirection. All the teachers have that special way of talking to the children!

The interactions between my child and the staff...they are amazing.

We are pleased with all aspects that AMS has to offer and would not choose to send our child anywhere else.